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Th entire family is enjoying when a person opens the door of the house and walks straight to Hriday, they all are stunned seeing him when it is Mr Trivedi, Kadambari exclaims he came on a really fortunate day. Mr Trivedi asks who is he, Pandit jee mentions that he is Hriday, the soon to be husband of Radha, she takes the blessing of Mr Trivedi and even Hriday does the same. Kadambari introduces Mr Trivedi to Lata jee mentioning that he went to Nanital, Hriday is stunned hearing the name so Mr Trivedi starts thinking if he has seen Hriday somewhere, he tightly holds the hand of Lata jee exclaiming she danced to the extent that her breath is not the same were is her Asthma pump, they both leave.

Ketki immediately asks if he brought the snack for them all from Nanital, Mr Trivedi exclaims how is it possible that he doesnot bring them from Nanital. Ketki even asks Shekar and Mohan bhai to come, Mohan turns back to leave but Mr Trivedi exclaims he should also take them since he also likes to eat them. Mohan slowly starts walking to Mr Trivedi, he in anger is about to leave but Radha signals him to not leave so Mohan realizes how she said that when he doesnot understand the fear of his father how would he fulfill the duties. Mohan slowly picks up one piece when Radha starts smiling.

Hriday exclaims what kind of a house is this since any member comes to their house, he exclaims that if he would have gone to Nanital then would have seen the wanted posters there. Hriday thinks if Damini finds out about the consignments, then Damini would surely throw them both out of the house. Dulari is eating the snacks when the newspaper flies from the plate.

Damini is applying the makeup in the room when Kaveri asks if she is sure that Tulsi slapped him, Damini questions how can anyone slap her in the midair. Damini thinks how she thought of taking care of this situation with ease but seeing this needs to take care of it now and she must make sure nothing wrong happens. Damini exclaims what if Tulsi has seen her with Hriday and this is the reasons, he has been trying to stop this marriage, Kaveri warns her to lower her voice because if Tulsi doesnot know then would surely think something is wrong.

Mohan walks over to Radha asking if she is fine, Dadi asks what sort of a questions is he asking, why would the bride not be happy on her engagement. Dadi questions if he forgot the vow that he made to his mother, when he said he would not come to the engagement. Mohan replies he can never forget the vow, but the engagement has ended, Radha also defends Mohan mentioning he did not do anything wrong, she tries to take his blessings but Mohan stops her questioning why did she not take off the ring from her finger, they both do not know about the newspaper that is on the floor.

Shekar hugging Mohan exclaims it is time for him to leave, Mohan is looking at Dadi but she doesnot even show any sort of happiness so he exclaims he himself should leave but the newspaper also flows away, Damini picks it up and is stunned seeing the photo of Hriday in the newspaper. Kadambari questions what is happening as she is sweating, Damini replies because of the warm weather so Kadambari says there should not be any problem in the Mehndi function tomorrow, she asks if Damini gave the order of the sweets for the guests. Damini is searching for the newspaper, she gets tensed wondering if Dulari took them with her.

Dulari enters the room, Mohan coming out is stunned asking what is she doing as could she not come after knocking. Dulari asks where is the sheet. Mohan explains there is a house but he cannot move freely but there is just this room so he asks why is she following him when she asks for the sheet, he points towards the other side of the bed. Dulari kneels to pick it when she drops the newspaper.

Mohan sitting on the bed asks why are they asking him for the newspaper since they have already made the house into a marriage hall.

Dulari is walking when Damini stops her asking if these are the sheets that she picked from the hall, she replies that she lost her ring so is searching for it. Damini wonders what is anyone sees the photo of Hriday, he standing at the back asks what is going on, she takes him inside.

Gungun informs Radha that she can make a video call with this but Gungun asks why does she want to know why is there is a need to learn this, Radha explains because she would be able to talk with her after getting married. Gungun says she has dialed the video call to her Bihari jee. Gungun exclaims she is feeling sleepy. Radha is talking with Mohan who questions why did she not take off the ring, Radha replies that it usually comes off really easy but it just never came off in the engagement. Radha questions if anyone can get fat within fifteen minutes. Mohan asks her to also rest since tomorrow is her Mehndi function. Mohan puts down the phone when he hears Radha exclaiming, she loves him, he is stunned but then sees Radha whispering to Gungun that she loves Mohan jee, she after a while mentions that he is her father and so he recalls how he asked Radha what was she doing once before, she mentioned that children only do what they remember.

Hriday asks Damini if she actually saw it with her own eyes, Damini replies why would she lie to him s if anyone else finds out about the newspaper then everything would be ruined. Hriday questions if she read what was written, she replies that Kadambari came before she could read anything. Damini vows to make sure no one finds anything otherwise her plan would be ruined, she leaves. Hriday thinks if anyone sees the newspaper then he would be ruined.

In the morning Damini steps down the stairs when Hriday comes beside her assuring that nothing is wrong since the newspaper would have been thrown by now, Damini thinks she would not be satisfied until she finds it herself otherwise the entire plan would be ruined.

Radha is walking with Dadi, who asks what has happened so she replies that she is feeling as if something is not right. Dadi replies it is just because she is about to get married. Radha stops when the garbage comes before her as Dulari is cleaning the room. Kadambari questions what sort of a behavior is this since she threw the garbage in front of the bride, Dulari apologizes for her mistake saying Mohan asked her to clean the room. Radha picks up the newspaper and is really tensed after reading it.s

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