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Sex was once taboo for women. After most Indian women became widows, they were repeatedly reminded that they had no sexual desire. Still, when girls talk openly about sex, many around are surprised. Their eyes seem to be hearing the word ‘sex’ for the first time. But Vidya Balan knows how to handle the sexuality question very well.

Siddharth Ray Kapoor’s third wife Vidya has no end of curiosity about her sex life. Recently, Vidya satiated the curiosity by appearing on Karan Johar’s radio show ‘Calling Karan’. On the show, Karan asked Vidya, he doesn’t like sex in the light or in the dark! Vidya replied without pretense, she likes sex in light. Karan’s next question was, do you prefer silk or cotton during sex! Vidya’s answer, cotton cloth. But in addition to that, Vidya has explained that girls are also tired after sexual intercourse, along with boys.

Vidya says she prefers to drink a glass of water after intercourse instead of green tea, chocolate or alcohol. The introductory chapter is very important to Vidya in the field of Sangam. Because a good start points to a successful sex life.

Recently, Vidya caught attention in the web series ‘Jalsa’. He has multiple brand endorsements. Vidya has also been offered several South Indian films and web series.

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