Naughty father-in-law and grandmother in husband’s absence, this web series of Ullur transgresses the limits of shame.

Nowadays web series is a new addition to the glamor industry along with movie serials. Actually keeping up with the technology now everyone likes to watch various web series through internet. A number of web series in Bengali, Hindi and other regional languages ​​ace even big budget movies. In fact, the common people have understood the value of digital media since the post-corona period. And to keep up with that, multiple platforms have been born.

However, the most popular in this digital market are several adult web series. Ullu, Prime Shot, Koku etc release some web series almost every day. The popularity of sex-filled web series is not less. Every web series is watched by millions of people. All limits of shame are transgressed in one web series. A few days ago Ullu released Siskanaria Part 1 which became a huge hit among the audience.

Recently released the first part of the second season of this web series whose story can give you sleepless nights. It shows how this housewife had affairs with other men besides her husband. But it does not end there. More intimate scenes are planned in Part 2 of the second season. Herol Radadeya, Noor Malvika and others are acting in it. This web series released on September 2.

This serial shows a special relationship between father-in-law and daughter-in-law. The web series revolves around a father-in-law who becomes attracted to his daughter-in-law while taking care of his ailing father-in-law. Actually a man named Sanjay leaves his wife and goes to work for a few days. Then both Sanjay’s wife and father stay together in the house. The daughter-in-law serves the father-in-law without discrimination. But father-in-law tries to play with his daughter-in-law’s feelings as father-in-law has lustful eyes on daughter-in-law. He tries to bring the daughter-in-law closer on various pretexts. Now what will happen when the daughter-in-law comes to know the reality of the in-laws? Must watch the web series in full to know.

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