Rashmika Mandanna: Banned Rashmika Mandanna!

Rashmika Mandanna has become a national crush due to ‘Pushpa’. But he could not fulfill the expectations of his debut in Bollywood. His first Bollywood film ‘Good Bye’ flopped at the box office despite a good script. In addition, Rashmika’s performance did not attract attention. But his stardom continues in the southern film industry. But ‘Srivalli’ was about to lose it carelessly.

Rashmika made her acting debut through the Kannada film industry. But some videos of a recent interview went viral on social media. In the video, Rashmika talks about her early career but never mentions Rakshit Shetty’s production company. Rashmika started acting through the films of this famous production house in Karnataka. The film was titled ‘Kirik Party’. Rashmika talked about this film but never mentioned the name of the production company. As a result, Rashmika was considered ‘ungrateful’ by the members of the production company. But they may not have thought it through.

Rashmikar developed a relationship with producer Rakshit during the film. Even got engaged. But for unknown reasons it broke. Naturally, Rashmika wanted to avoid her past. Rashmika’s uncomfortable situation will also be understood if the reason for breaking the relationship comes up in the future. But the main problem is created by a group of netizens. Rashmika starrer ‘Pushpa: The Rule’ and ‘Barishu’ are shooting in Karnataka. They are demanding to ban them. Moreover the theater owners have also decided to go against Rashmika.

On the other hand, this time is the peak hour of Rashmika’s career. Even though ‘Goodbye’ was not a hit, Rashmika has many projects in her hands both in South and Bollywood. He also does not want unnecessary misunderstandings. Rashmika said that there is no such thing as everyone will understand and love her. But he will not accept the negative publicity against him. According to Rashmika, some of her interviews have been published in which people are misunderstanding her. Misinterpretations of these interviews are damaging Rashmika’s relationship with her colleagues in the industry. What he did not say is being written. His career, family, love are all viewed negatively. Depression is consuming him. Rashmika is gradually losing the motivation to work. But a big question in this case is, are they not being deliberately done against Rashmika? Because it is clear from the events, Rashmika is a victim of industry politics.

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