Urvashi Rautela: Boney Kapoor gave a ‘bad touch’ to Urvashi Rautela? The actress opened up about the viral video

Urvashi Rautela is one of the most beautiful leading actresses in Bollywood. He started his career with modeling. However, although he started with modeling, he later became a familiar face on the big screen. Bollywood stars live in the media for one reason or another, and this actress is no exception. This year, Urvashi Rautela was nominated as the most powerful woman of ‘India’s Pride’ or 2022. But recently, he is being criticized based on an old viral video of his. Boney Kapoor is currently practicing with him.

Urvashi is often in the practice of media for no reason. Currently, she is an actress who is trained by cricketer Nasim Shah and Rishabh Panth. However, the actress was never heard to say anything special about that in front of the media. But at the moment, his name is associated with Boney Kapoor. A section of netizens did not like the director’s attitude in the viral video. They also had to listen to several comments based on that incident.

A video of 2019 has recently gone viral again on social media pages. It was shared from the YouTube page of Hindustan Times. In the video, famous Bollywood stars were seen attending a wedding ceremony. Urvashi and Boney Kapoor were also in that list. Notably, this was the wedding reception of famous producer Jayanthi Lal Gara’s son. And there, the stars have been seen posing several times in front of the paparazzi’s camera. Urvashi and Boney Kapoor were seen together several times at the same event. But the director suddenly hit the actress on the back while smiling and talking while taking pictures. And very naturally it did not escape the attention of the cameramen.

Before some glimpses of Urvashi Rautela and Boney Kapoor’s conversation went viral on social media pages, the practice started. Some of the netizens did not see this incident well at all. And the actress was very angry during the practice. Speaking to the Bollywood Hungama website in this regard, the actress said that such an incident is very uncomfortable for her. Because the whole issue was being analyzed wrongly on social media at that time.

According to the actress, at that time she was supposed to act in a Tamil film with superstar Ajith. But he could not act in that film due to his busy schedule. Perhaps that is what they were talking about. Later, as this kind of practice reached its peak through social media, he also talked to Boney Kapoor about it. Needless to say, the whole incident was quite uncomfortable for him. Because it is clear just talking about the actress.

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