Popular actress Jayapradar of 70-80s has undergone a radical change, now her entire appearance has changed, see the picture

Bollywood has always been the center of gossip and discussion. The craze for Bollywood stars among the people of India is a little different. Therefore, since its inception in the 90s, the Bali industry has been at the center of discussion. From the careers of stars to their personal lives, everything comes under the spotlight on social media. Jayaprada was a very popular star in this Bollywood world. This actress is always in the forefront of the Bollywood industry for her extremely beautiful performances.

You will be surprised to hear that the actress still has a huge fan following. There was a time when fans would sit outside the door of the actress’s house and wait to catch a glimpse of their favorite actress. The pairing of Jayaprada and Jeetendra was loved by all. Whenever these two are seen together in a film, the film is bound to be a hit. Jayaprada has not only worked in Hindi films. He has worked in films in 7 languages ​​including Tamil, Telugu.

But a lot of time has passed. Many are curious to see how the actress looks now. Recently several pictures of Jayaprada went viral on social media sites which shocked netizens. Even after crossing the age limit of 60, she is still as beautiful as ever. In the picture that went viral, she is seen wearing a white gown and striking a striking pose. Let us inform you that this Jayaprada is currently a member of the Rajya Sabha of the Bharatiya Janata Party.

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