Urfi Javed: Urfi Javed covered his breasts with his hands while topless, trolls flooded the internet.

Controversy and Urfi Javed are now synonymous in the glamor world. The model-actress has been making news headlines almost every day due to her wardrobe controversies. Urfi Javed came into limelight with ‘Bigg Boss OTT’. Even though he didn’t last long in the Bigg Boss house, Urfi’s handsome appearance in the real world has kept him at the center of social media attention. Currently she is known for her style of dressing. Trolls, criticism and mockery for clothing and style are her daily companions. But she considers herself an internet fashion star.

The actress is very confident about her fashion statement despite being subjected to a thousand sarcasms from netizens. Urfi lives his life according to his mind by blowing away all the negativity. He is constantly in the lime light of social media by doing photoshoots and videos in bold avatars. Sometimes Urfi’s underwear is seen peeking out from under his denim jacket, sometimes his clothes are a collection of torn threads. Sometimes he went to the airport with a piece of cloth on his chest. She occasionally faced trolls for her habit of wearing skimpy clothes.

This model actress always tries to be creative in terms of dressing. You may be surprised to see the outfit she has recently done a photoshoot with. His bravery transcended all bounds of shame. This time he was not wearing any covering clothes. As she got out of the car, she was seen wearing denim jeans and a net top. Her breast is covered with a design like two hands. Seeing such bravery of the model actress, everyone’s eyes were amazed.

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