Urfi Javed: His own father did this with Urfi

Urfi Javed (Urfi Javed). Everyone of the present generation more or less knows him. But why? One reason is to make all kinds of weird clothes and feel free to go out in public with them on. In the midst of this, various opinions of Munis are heard, but Urfi is steadfast in his goal without meditating on them. This beautiful young woman should not care about anyone like that. He wants to live with an independent spirit, not on anyone’s advice. But the idea of ​​living like this suddenly came to Urfi’s mind? In this context, the actress told some secrets of her life.

Recently an old interview of Urfi Javed went viral on social media. And in that interview, Urfi shared some unusual events that happened in his life. Talking about his family, Urfi said candidly, “I was tortured by my father from a very young age. Father left us a long time ago. Now I have to look after the family with my sister and mother. I have taken the responsibility of the family of three on my shoulders.” It is true that Urfi currently has the burden of supporting the family of his mother Zakia Sultana and two sisters.

Urfi also shared another incident from his early age saying, “When I was just 11 years old, my picture was posted on an adult site. After that, I started to look askance in the society. It was at this age that I had to hear the term ‘pornstar’. Finally ran away from home with mother and sister. First came from Uttar Pradesh to Delhi. Worked in a call center there. Then I moved to Mumbai as an assistant fashion designer. And there is my destination”.

Incidentally, Urfi has been involved in controversy since the ‘Bigg Boss’ show. The body was covered with strange clothing made of discarded black plastic. After this incident, Urfi left the show. However, he did not go out of his own eyes and dreams. Because there is a stubbornness and anger in the mind.

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