Sushant Singh Rajput: Sara Ali Khan shared a picture with Sushant again and wrote this

Sara Ali Khan still cannot forget the memory of ‘Kedarnath’. He made his Bollywood debut through this film. ‘Kedarnath’ introduced her as an actress. Also got a good friend like Sushant Singh Rajput. Incidentally, their friendship started from the sets of this film. Sushant and Sara even went for a walk together. Sushant’s character in ‘Kedarnath’ was named Mansoor which still reminds Sara of her grandfather. Sara’s grandfather is known as Tiger Pataudi in the cricket world but his real name was Mansoor Ali Khan Pataudi. Four years have passed. Sushant passed away mysteriously in 2020. After four years, Sara reminisced about the memory of ‘Kedarnath’.

On Wednesday, December 7, Sara shared a few photos on Instagram. In one of the pictures, Sushant is seen putting headphones on Sara’s ears. In another picture, the two are seen spending time together. In one picture, Sara is reading the script of ‘Kedarnath’ at 4:00 PM. Sometimes he is seen eating hot Maggi. Those who have seen ‘Kedarnath’ know that there was a scene of Sara eating maggi in the film. Sometimes Sarah is doing her makeup, sometimes she is busy spending time with the unit. Sara also shared the picture of the award received for ‘Kedarnath’. She won the specific Filmfare Award for Best Newcomer.

Sharing the pictures, Sara wrote, “Four years ago, her biggest dream came true. He wants to go back again in August 2017. Wants to shoot ‘Kedarnath’ again. Want to live every moment again. Want to learn again from Sushant, music, want to know about good books, want to know the stars of space. Want to see again, sunrise, moonrise after sunset. Want to eat hot maggi and kurkurd one more time. He wants to wake up again at four in the morning and get ready for shooting. Sara thanked director Abhishek Kapoor for letting her live every moment.

Sara knows that when the full moon appears in the sky on the night of December 7, her friend Sushant will also remember those beautiful moments in the land of stars. Sarah’s message will reach from earth to space, to her dear friend.

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