Kapil Sharma’s Dr. Gulati’s wife Soundarya will beat Tabar Tabar actresses in terms of beauty, here is her picture

Comedian Sunil has been present on the Kapil Voter Church Power Show Mom since Summer. Warnings about the number of people who do not know this person will be low. His different words can make the whole audience laugh. This comedian has different parts of the country. Sunil Govi’s character is different and unique to people. Sunil Grover has handled the role of Dr. Gula in the Kapil Shama reality show very beautifully, year after year.

But today this report is not about Sunil Grover. There is no end in praising him. But in today’s report you will know about Suni Grover’s wife. You don’t take care of him. Aarti Grover, wife of Sunil Grover, tried hard from the real world of cinema, TV and glamor. He prefers to leave the limelight and lead an ordinary life. But you’ll be glad that R Grover’s circle is cleaned

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Aarti Grover Mayor is an interior designer. He may not be active though. But elsewhere Aarti is seen with Sunil Grover’s wife. And when he comes to any family function, he is captured by Parajid. Keep in mind, Sunil and Aarti have a woman named Mohan Grover.

But Suni Grover is a woman who needs to be in peace to start his show’s jokes before his wife starts. But Aarti Kamra doesn’t really like to come from Veer. Aarti spent more time with son Mohan. The glimpse mentioned in the context will be 2.5 times the number of voters of this Sunil Grover property. His annual income is more than 3 crores. 10-15 tk for celite esode and 25-30 tk for movie minutes.

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