Urfi Javed: Private parts are peeking, Urfi made clothes by stealing the bicycle chain!

Just a day ago in the evening, Urfi Javed was caught on camera wearing an ‘Arabyarajni’ outfit. Her entire body was visible through the transparent dress. But this time Urfi did not wear any clothes. However, she said in an interview that it would be better if she stopped wearing clothes instead of having so much controversy about her clothes. Urfi finally spoke.

A video that went viral recently proved it. In the video, Urfi is seen cycling on the road. She is wearing green color tube top and short skirt. Suddenly the bicycle chain opens on the road. Urfi kept thinking with the chain, what to do! At that time an idea came to his mind. Urfi then appeared wearing a top and skirt made of bicycle chains. Although there is a black colored bikini inside. Urfi’s cleavage is fully exposed through a deep neckline cycle chain dress. His navel is exposed. Because the skirt is made of bicycle chain far below the navel. Urfi’s hair is open with this dress. Hair has slight curls. Urfi has light makeup. He is wearing black stilettos. A bicycle chain is attached to the left hand.

Sharing the video, Urfi wrote that he himself never thought that clothes could be made from bicycle chains. One of his friends joked that Urfi can make clothes from bicycle chains. After that, Urfi made this dress.

After Urfi’s video went viral, a section of netizens started saying that God must be regretting sending Urfi to earth. One wrote that his bicycle chain was nowhere to be found.

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