Armaan Malik: Two wives pregnant together, the life story of Youtuber Armaan Malik is more colorful than the story of the movie

Polygamy is a biological instinct. But human society does not allow it. Recently popular YouTuber Arman Malik is getting criticized for this incident. Last year it was known that Armaan, a resident of Hyderabad, has two wives, Payal Malik and Kritika Malik. Both live together. They don’t mind even being with Armaan. According to some netizens, Armaan married two women to increase the popularity of his blog. Now the two wives are pregnant together which has surprised the netizens.

Armaan has one and a half million followers on Instagram and two million on YouTube. Equally popular are Payal and Kritika. Payal and Armaan’s first son is Chiku. But now Payal is pregnant for the second time. Kritika became pregnant with him. Armaan recently shared a picture with Payal and Kritika on Instagram. Kissing their baby bump, he wrote, his family. Earlier Kritika and Payal’s pregnancy journey was shared and it went quite viral. Armaan’s two wives are about to become mothers through IVF. But netizens are ambivalent about this incident.

Many have written that Armaan has done everything with the understanding of time. Many are shocked to see two wives getting pregnant together. But because of IVF, it has become possible, Armaan had already told this. Many have written, Armaan seems to make a whole cricket team. But on the other hand, the question of some of the netizens, whether it is possible to legally marry two people together!

Maybe Armaan wanted this debate. For this reason, after marrying Payal in 2011 and Chiku’s birth, he married his best friend Kritika in 2018 with Payal’s consent.

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