Kangana Ranaut: Shahid was so hot, he didn’t sleep all night: Kangana Ranaut

If you make a list of Bollywood actresses with plump lips, the first name that comes up is Kangana Ranaut. This artist of the tinsel world likes to be active in the midst of everyone, from the fans to the political circles by making various comments all the time. His personal life has not been less spent in various circles! However, this actress prefers to live with different body parts. And this time he shared the experience of spending the night with an actor. Kangana said that the actor did not let her sleep all night.

In an interview, Kangana admitted the experience of spending the night with actor Shahid Kapoor. Talking about this experience, Kangana said, ‘The experience of spending the night with Shahid is like a nightmare’. But why did the actress say this? What really happened? In this context, Kangana said that she had this experience during the shoot of ‘Rangoon’. The actress said that they were forced to stay together in a tent after shooting in a remote area. And there was this horrible experience.

Talking about this, Kangana said, ‘I could not sleep properly that night. Because hip hop music was playing like crazy next door. Shahid Kapoor was exercising at that time. And listening to such songs in the background, he used to exercise. Again put the speaker. I couldn’t sleep because of him. So the whole night became like a nightmare.’ Apart from Kangana, Shahid, Saif Ali Khan was in this film.

Kangana is currently busy with another film. Recently, the actress started shooting for the movie ‘Emergency’ in Assam. In 1975, the then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi declared emergency in the country. It is known that this movie is not about the political history of that time. Kangana herself is playing the role of Indira Gandhi, the director of the movie.

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