Popular actress of Bengali web series victim of cybercrime

As the craze of social media grew, so did the abuse. The incidence of cyber crime is increasing day by day. This time the popular OTT actress became a victim of cybercrime. The name of the actress has been withheld for security reasons. Mumbai Police has already arrested a thirty-five-year-old youth from Andheri area of ​​Mumbai. The entire incident has been reported to the media by the Mumbai Police.

The 26-year-old actress has acted in several Bengali and Hindi web series. The young man was following him on social media for the past one month. He was making lewd comments on the social media posts of the actress. Besides, the young man started tagging the actress in obscene posts. The accused also sent her obscene messages on Messenger. Recently, the actress told the incident live and said that she does not know the young man. Despite this, the person kept sending dirty messages to the actress.

After the actress blocked the accused from Facebook, he started sending lewd messages to the actress on Instagram. The actress blocked the person on Instagram as well. The accused then started attacking him on Twitter. The actress is married. The accused also started tagging her husband in obscene posts. The man regularly stalked the actress and her husband. Then the person added their phone numbers and started calling them. He used to send dirty text messages to the actress. The person even reached the actress’s house keeping an eye on her movements. Fearing this incident, the actress filed a complaint with the local D.N.nagar police station.

Based on his complaint, Mumbai Police arrested a person named Minarul Sheikh from Andheri area on Sunday afternoon.

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